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. he is only seven months old but a search is for a little one who disappeared while in the care of a baby sitter. a soldier not only in the battlefield but here at home as he rushes on a burning bus to rescue strangers. if you are feeling the heat around baltimore's inner harbor. temperatures are mid 90s. wyatt (everí) hart is in the
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storm center. how long is the heat going to stick around? >> more hot, humid conditions. heat index over 100 again today. we are not at the peak of the heat wave we had on friday into saturday but still hot: just a couple degrees off the old time record out there. we hit the all-time record yesterday. heat advisory up for the central part of the state. on the whole i think we'll begin to see some improvement by midweek. maryland's radar. a couple showers and thunderstorms dousing ocean city. that's unfortunate a big competition at the beach. there are a couple of storms west moving into northern howard county. the rest of the evening we'll call for a chance of passing storms. how does the rest of the week shape up temperature wise? that's coming up. this week's heat combined with a transformer problem
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triggered the first emergency event in four years for baltimore's gas and electric energy saving program. the program allows the company to turn off participants air conditioning units when demand is the highiest in return for savings of $100 a year. today beg announced friday's event reduced demand and helped blackouts. some participants complained they were without air conditioning four hours as temperatures inside their homes climbed to 90 degrees. bge said some had other problems. in harford county other families were sweating out another outage. residents in forest hill seen the lights and ac go off several hours at a time for a month. the most recent outage was friday night into saturday morning. homeowners have thrown out hundreds of dollars worth of food and spent money on moving out. >> it is a very inconvenience
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for us as family. we have to relocate because it is entirely too hot in the house. we are going out to restaurants to eat lunch or dinner. >> in the short term we are going to be installing new equipment very soon that will increase our ability to serve these customers. in the long term we have new infrastructure designed and at some point will be put in service in the community. >> the center looked into buying an automatic generator. but the $6500 price tag gives us a pause. log on to for the latest forecast and all the weather alerts. coming up later in the show, we'll have a look at how the rest of the country is handling the heat. a baby sitter doing the job she was hired to do is missing with a 7-month-old baltimore
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boy. cheryl o'conner is live with the story. >> reporter: tonight we join you from glen hurst street in the 1100 block. this the area where the boy was last seen on friday. it is where he is family will gather tonight to pray for his safe return. meantime, police have given us these photos of the 7-month-old boy and the baby sitter. police tell us today she may be the area of prince george's county or montgomery county. the parents contacted police saying their son was in her care between 5:00 and 5:30 friday evening and hasn't been seen since. homicide detectives are investigating. we are told that's due to the age of the child and not an indication of malicious behavior. >> preisn'tly we have no industry -- presently we have no indication that the child is in danger. we are acting for the public's
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health. >> boozer is described as a black female 5'4", 155-pounds. if you have any information on this case on their whereabouts you are asked to call baltimore police. that vigil is expected to start at 7:00 tonight. we'll be here. talk with the boy's family and bring you the latest at 11:00. we are live in west baltimore. cheryl conner abc2 news. police in baltimore county are searching for a suspect in a shooting early this morning. two people were found in the intersection of liberty road with gunshot wounds. they were taken to shock trauma. no word on their conditions. tonight officials are working to determine what sparked a four-alarm fire in kur test gray. it broke out yesterday in a
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cement warehouse. 100 firefighters battled the blaze for three hours trying to get it under control. >> they were inside the building. there was a rapid attack on the fire. it was necessary to order immediate evacuation of those members. ultimately there was a full blown assignment to bring fire under control. >> one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. there were no other reports of injuries. as if serve our country wasn't enough, a soldier puts his life on the line again. it wasn't on the battlefield this time. he was rushing to the aid of bus passenger's whose lives were on the line. the largest apple store in the world is opening. we'll tell you where when we come back. 104 degrees in the inner harbor. for a heat index, heat plus
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humidity. is there any relief in site of the heat? we'll take a look coming up in a few minutes.
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tomorrow the man accused of the mass shooting in norway will have his first day in court. tonight, more than 90 people are dead and four others missing following friday's massacre. police in norway revealed today he had plenty of ammunition left. hours before his two hour kill attacks, he posted a political manifesto online on immigration
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to europe and urging conservatives to embrace him. a child's birthday party turns deadly in texas when the father pulled out a gun and began shooting in a roller rink. the suspect had been arguing ins we estranged life. five people were killed. the gunman turned the weapon on himself. none of the people kill were young children. they gathered to remember and pay tribute to the lost lives ten years ago in the september 11th terrorist attacks. baltimore county firefighters played tribute to the new york city firefighters. 343 firefighters died in the attack. fire officials say they are gone but not forgotten. >> the hurt does not go away. flush these heroes were on the front
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line. they were givers. >> the monumental case organizers paid district to cake -- district to -- tribute to cycle riders. a soldier's courage goes beyond the battlefield to here at home. sergeant perkins sprang into action on a burning bus and pulling people to safety disappearing before anyone could get his name. abc tracked him down. and now we have his story. >> reporter: the scene was terrifying. this cell phone video taken moments after a tractor trailer crashed into a canadian tour bus heading for new york city. >> there was a couple of explosions and everything. four or five explosions. >> i'll be honest it was overwhelming. we were concerned on getting help there. >> reporter: as passengers tried to escape a hero to the
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rescue. jason perkins pulled over and rushed into the burning bus to pull people out. >> i went on the bus to make sure everybody had gotten off. i had to help people off. it got too hot and i had to get out. >> reporter: after helping first responders get control of the chaos they drove to the hospital to meet a family member. there was only one fatality. the driver from the tractor trailer and two seriously injured out of the 52 passengers on board. >> i'm surprised there with respect more fatalities on the bus and more seriously hurt than the two. >> reporter: avoiding the media spotlight sergeant perkins drove with a focus to make it home no missouri in time for his daughter's birthday. >> one of the crash victims told us said perkins refused to
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leave her side until the family came to the hospital. heat advisory once again today. we have had this for several days now. had the excessive heat warning up through yesterday. again, just hot, humid and really in some ways unbearable conditions in some spots. hazy bright sunshine at bwi marshall. and downtown as we look at the harbor cam. 95 degrees. winds northwest at 7 miles per hour. normal norly it would be a cooling wind. there is so much hot air to the north. it is not doing much to help us. north breeze is bringing hot air in out of the north. 91 right now. we have been here before last summer. none the less, still above average day by ten degrees. i want to show you our weather net camera at robert w.
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coleman. hazy, hot sunshine. again, this heat advisory conditions today. skies got ominous late in the afternoon and evening. we could see a popup shower or storm. local high temperatures rock hall to 100. fort meade 99. glenwood 93. owens mills 95. here's the one storm that's weakening a little bit in western howard county. as we take a look toward the annapolis area a couple showers popping up. we had a bigger thunderstorm move across the chesapeake incaroline county. none of the weather is severe. we had downpours in ocean city where they are finishing up the tour at the skateboard competition. they get it in this evening to see radar clearing up. it was tough going earlier at the beach. temperatures statewide depends where you are. coolest air is east of the city
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and well west towards deer creek lake in the upper 70s. center part of the state is cook now. at the top of the 6:00 hour we had a heat index value of what it feels like, heat plus humidity. 104. humidity is oppressive. you get the dew point number above 70 and it is thick. across the east coast i have good news here. that's in the form of showers and thunderstorms northwest of us into northern and central illinois. that's our next front. there is some milder air, slightly milder air set to come in toward midweek. in the meantime we have another area of hot, high pressure. a hot, humid air mass on top of maryland and the mid atlantic. we'll keep it a few showers or storms in the forecast. tonight and again midday tomorrow into the afternoon. this is that boundary. this is the cooler air that will drop us a couple of degrees toward midweek. it comes through late tuesday
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overnight monday into tuesday. we should see temperatures back in the 90s degree range. that's something of an improvement. steamy tonight. tomorrow a chance for a pop up shower or storm midday or late afternoon. we'll keep it humidity tomorrow night. there are changes. seven-day forecast. we'll get a slight break as we get down in the low 90s. near 90 wednesday. only down side is it looks like the heat will build back in towards the end of the week into the weekend. late july early august is living up to its reputation as the hottest time of the year. >> we had the hottest time in june. >> june was over performing. let's look at what's coming up tonight. debit card e-mail accounts. hackers seem to be after everything. now they could be targeting
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your i-tunes. people found themselves lost out of hundreds of dollars after hackers got into their i- tunes accounts. what you need to know so you don't fall victim to the latest scam. they say misery loves company, if that's the case the country is miserable right now. now far reaching is the heatwave. what kinds of records have been set? we'll take a hot tour when we come back. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive.
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15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. we know new york is the big am. now the city may really be a big apple. apple store. a 23,000 square foot store is in for grand central terminal. new york city said the proposal could be authorized as early as wednesday. if approve it would be apple's
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largest store in the world. spreading the longest stretch of hot weather is here that we have seen across the country in a while. while you are dealing with the heat and humidity now months down the road we could be dealing with the impact left behind. we'll take a tour and explain. >> reporter: new york city and urban jungle, it felt like one. topping 100 on saturday. >> it is hot. it is very hot. >> i never went through that before. >> reporter: on the east coast 11 record highs were tied or broken. d.c. set a record of 102. philadelphia broke its record of ten years with a high of 101. add in the humidity and it felt hotter. not surprisingly the demand for power set records in the midwest and in the east. >> through all the heat wave and all the things we have been through, we have never been in this area.
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this is unchartered territory. >> reporter: in the new york area 13,000 home lost power. in philly the power want out in the 12-story apartment building. >> once the electric and air want out there is nothing else to do but get out. >> reporter: in dallas, saturday was their 22nd consecutive day of triple digit heat. during the miserable week a staggering 191 heat records were set. this heat wave will have a lasting impact having scorched million of acres of farm land threatening corn and soy beans and leading to higher prices at the super market. we are getting ready for the baltimore grandprix coming up labor day weekend. it is derby time. we'll take you to the soap box derby where hundreds of kids took over the track.
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they are off. check this out. one heck of a soap box derby. hundreds of racers between 8 and 17 hit the world-famous derby downs track in akron, ohio. kid spent 17 months building gravity powered space car. up for grabs a trip to the world championship and $40,000 in scholarships. take a look at maryland's radar. one storm out there in western howard county weakening. a couple showers on the eastern shore toward easton. keep an eye out for thunder and lightning. tomorrow a better chance for storms. that will help break the heat tuesday through thursday.
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look like it will be hot toward the end of the week. >> thank you for joining us. have a good night. j
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